交易量和费率的反弹有利于经纪商和船队. 但运力的限制给了司机优势.

经纪人, 曾被认为是导致2020年春季TL现货利率暴跌的原因, 现在生活在一个承运人的市场.

TL即期费率的提高让12bet忙得不可开交. The capacity crunch means brokers have to scramble harder to get shippers the seated trucks they need.

这对经纪人来说是一次巨大的命运逆转, who were said to have all the power in the TL spot world in the spring of 2020. 当时,经纪人被视为掌握着主动权. 经纪人 dispute some of that take — they note declining volumes hurt them too — and say they had to hustle to keep the drivers coming back. That means tending to relationships and adding technologies to make transactions smooth and convenient.

“它加强了对信任和关系的关注,贾斯汀·弗里斯说, 到达物流的首席运力官. “如果(运营商)不信任你,他们就会去别处.”

That dynamic has 3PLs such as Arrive Logistics eyeing changes in how they communicate with shippers and carriers.

今年春天,到达物流 与凯旋支付的合作伙伴 让支付给运营商的速度更快、更明显. The company also built an internet portal to allow carriers access to freight around the clock. 该门户网站名为Carrier EDGE,允许预订或提供优惠. Frees said the portal was important because some carriers don’t mind conducting 100% of their business online.

Frees said one thing Arrive Logistics does to maintain relationships is “exception management,“处理路上突然出现的问题. Frees said it’s easy to maintain good relationships when every lane sees perfect performance, “但在路上总会发生一些事情.”



The cause of the tightness in capacity — a short supply of seated trucks — has analysts abuzz. 一些人预测利率已经达到最高点. 发货人 are adjusting and more trucks are pulled back onto the road, attracted by higher rates.

Those rates have caused requests for authority from the FMCSA to boom in 2020 and into 2021, 导致58,去年新增了5万个航母战斗群, 艾弗里·维塞说, FTR的货运副总裁. 这比2019年增长了36%.

Others speculate and perhaps fret the new supply of drivers is not enough.

“Supply side constraints continue to be an issue,” one TL broker told Morgan Stanley. “The biggest question is whether drivers are staying away from the road due to government aid or if they’re just gone and never coming back. 12bet进入第三季就能确定了吗.”

经纪商表示,这种竞争环境并不新鲜. But it’s a far cry from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. 与学校, some factories and restaurants closed — but the number of truckers on the road largely unchanged — posted dry van loads disappeared by two-thirds in April 2020, according to numbers from the Transportation Intermediaries Association. TIA还指出,托运人提供的费率从1美元下降.每英里60美元到1美元.全国平均每英里10英里.

Many of the nation’s 200,000 independent carriers decided to park instead of roll. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and others blamed brokers for the situation.

一些人把车停在白宫和国会大厦附近. They honked their horns in protest when former President Donald Trump was in the Rose Garden on May 15, 2020.

一些卡车仍然停在华盛顿特区的宪法大道上.C.2020年5月22日,就在阵亡将士纪念日周末之前. 停在那里的独立卡车司机抗议现货价下降, which they allege is partially caused by price gouging and a lack of broker transparency.
Jim Stinson /运输潜水

几天后,在与美国总统奥巴马举行的公开会议上.S. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, Trump urged federal action on the transparency of offered rates.

“吉恩,你也必须帮助卡车司机,”特朗普说. “They work hard and they have brokers that take a lot of their business away. (经纪人)工作不那么辛苦. (经纪人)坐在办公室的某个地方. 还不是很好. 所以我想帮助卡车司机.”

OOIDA had asked for the reform before, in other down markets such as 2005 and 2010. OOIDA想要它得到的大部分信息, because of a federal law telling brokers to keep records of each transaction. 记录必须在承运人要求时提交. 记录包含:

  • 发货人的名称和地址.
  • The name, address and registration number of the originating motor carrier.
  • 提单或运单编号.
  • The amount of compensation received by the broker for the brokerage service performed 还有付款人的名字.
  • A description of any non-brokerage service performed in connection with each shipment or other activity, 因服务而获得的补偿金额, 还有付款人的名字.
  • The amount of any freight charges collected by the broker and the date of payment to the carrier.

But what OOIDA wanted was for shippers to be prevented from asking for confidentiality clauses in contracts with the brokers. TIA指示经纪人把这一点告诉承运人, 如果他们获得记录, it would disqualify them from getting loads from any shippers with confidentiality clauses. TIA说如果托运人没有从司机那里得到保密信息, shippers would form their own fleets to protect competitive information.


Today, with elevated TL spot rates having lasted for months, and with Truckstop.com predicting they will last through the year, Congress has signaled to TIA they have moved on.

“That issue has completely died down,” said Chris Burroughs, TIA VP of government affairs. “市场已经完全改变了.”

现在, 伯勒斯说, 利率已经反弹,交易量也在上升, 哪些对经纪人和卡车司机都有好处. But capacity is an issue, and that has given drivers the advantage in the rebounding.

布伦特·赫托,Truckstop的首席关系官.com, 他说他的公司有10个客户,000年经纪业务, ranging from asset-light companies to big fleets looking to “release the 新闻ure” by going to in-house brokers in case they overbook.



Hutto said the elevated TL spot market should indicate to fleet executives that it’s a good time to be both a carrier and a broker because a fleet can advertise it has more capacity than posted, 而且它也不需要购买卡车来扩大运力. 相反,它可以将多余的费用转嫁给独立司机.

Hutto said truckers can look elsewhere for better rates, a big change from spring of 2020. 那么经纪人该怎么做呢? 这一切都回到了基本的市场经济学.

“Negotiate the best agreeable rate for the carrier to move the load,” said Hutto.

Hutto said many brokers are going back to shippers and renegotiating transportation prices, 这是任何市场周期中的“正常”过程. But he notes this market cycle itself, and the elevated TL rates, are something to behold.

“It’s never been this high, ever in the history of trucking, since deregulation,” said Hutto. “过去6年,12bet经历了3次产能危机.”

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle via Getty Images, original article published here: http://www.transportdive.com/news/Brokers-TL-carriers-market-FMCSA/601418/


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